Urban Islands Project

We hope you have found our site both informative and provoking, both to further investigation and to action. We would love for you to become part of the Urban Islands Project support team. For more information, contact us at donors@urbanislandsproject.org

One crucial way to join our support team is by serving as a prayer partner. To join the prayer partner team, simply follow this link and "Like" our Facebook Page. By doing so, you are indicating that whenever we show up on your Facebook feed, you will pause and ask God to bless the efforts of the Urban Islands Project team. 

We also hope to connect with at least three types of financial partners.

Start up investors- these are people and organizations who will help us with our immediate start up costs by donating a generous amount of cash to cover the one time expenses associated with the start up process. Over time, the churches that are started in the context of an Urban Islands Project Cohort will become part of our support team, eventually leading to the day when the new churches provide adequate monthly support to ensure that Urban Islands Project has the needed operational funding. Until that day arrives, we need the partnership of investors who recognize the opportunity to set in motion a movement of city focused faith communities that eventually becomes self sustaining.  Thankfully we have already started to receive generous start up contributions to help us have the resources necessary to start strong. One very generous organization blessed Urban Islands with a gift of $25,000. 

Monthly supporters- Monthly supporters help underwrite the operational expenses that keep the organization moving forward- expenses like office rental, administrative costs, supplies, ongoing promotions costs, recruiting expenses, employee salaries, etc. The great thing about monthly supporters is that every monthly gift is a blessing, regardless of the size. We have thousands of Facebook friends. If every friend decided they could find just 50 cents a day to give toward increasing the presence of the Church in the urban centers, Urban Islands Project would have more than all the money it needs to thrive into the foreseeable future. Becoming a start up or operational giver is super easy. Click the Donate Now button above.

Long term strategic investors- These are individuals who can work with us to find opportunities for leveraging real estate and entrepreneurial ventures to further the cause of Urban Islands Project. For example, a developer who plans to build a multi-use high rise retail/office/residential building in an urban neighborhood might work with us to provide a community service space in the building where we can provide after school programs, job hunting training and worship services to bless the residents of the islands. Other long term strategic investors include the lawyer and CPA who are currently donating their services.

There are three ways to become part of the Urban Islands Project Support team. You may give via check by sending your donation to Urban Islands Project, P. O. Box 181232, Denver, CO 80218. You may give directly with a credit card by clicking here. Donate Now . You may give through the Assemblies of God US Missions portal and receive AG World Giving Credit by clicking here. Donate AG.