Urban Islands Project

Urban Islands Project will facilitate the planting of a cohort of churches at the same time
in the same city. 

This is the main pillar of the whole Urban Islands concept. At any given time in any given city, numerous church starting agencies are in the process of starting new faith communities in urban neighborhoods. Urban Islands Project serves all of them by facilitating the formation a cohort of multiple starters (perhaps 10) to start multiple churches simultaneously on different "islands" in the same city at the same time. We deliberately use the word cohort, because each church on each island will be a unique church with a style and ministry approach that is appropriate for that island. These are not one church in ten locations. They will be 10 churches planted cohort style. Each church retains the doctrinal and style distinctives of its sending organization. But the 10 church starters will go through a similar experience in close geographic proximity to each other. This approach has numerous benefits for the church starters and their sending organizations.

  • Instead of starting up in isolation from each other, the starters are relationally connected before their churches begin holding services.  
  • The cohort approach allows of the organic formation of a real time peer learning environment.
  • In general, younger leaders desire to be loyal team players within the church organization they affiliate with, but they also highly value connectivity to the larger Body of Christ.
  • The cohort provides a tangible place for that connectivity to be experienced. The cohort allow for church starters to leverage scale and lower costs- for example- everyone will likely need a sound system. It may be more cost effective to buy 10 in bulk than 10 one at a time.

Christian Summers
City Coordinator -Denver, CO


Nathan & Ruby Kwansah
South Hampden, Denver


Mike & Whitney Schubert
Stapleton, Denver

Matthew & Elora Collver
Park Hill, Denver


Christian Rey-Uribe
RiNo, Denver


Jody & Mandy Earley
Highlands, Denver


Chad & Annette Smith
Platt Park, Denver


Gil & Flor Guerra
Spanish Culture in Denver


Preston & Lisa Ulmer
Berkeley, Denver

CHURCH STARTERS: Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota


   Carl & Melanie Johnson
Dayton's Bluff, St. Paul


Chris & Jordan Joseph
Northeast Minneapolis


Jose & Jenna Perez
Northeast Minneapolis


Matt & Amanda Van Winkle
Midtown Philips, Minneapolis


Blake & Sara Lathrop
Uptown, Minneapolis

CHURCH STARTERS: New York City, New York


Eric & Sarah Hoke
South Bronx, NYC

CHURCH STARTERS: Nashville, Tennessee


Kurtis & Sarah Parks
Nashville, Tennessee

Denver, Colorado

Nashville, Tennessee

St. Louis, Missouri

Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota

The Bronx, New York City


Start the conversation on how you can be part of the movement in one of these cites.  

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