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Planting an urban church?

Get access to cumulative urban church planting knowledge and support from leaders and peers who are impacting urban neighborhoods with the gospel.

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The Impact

Over 100,000 urban residents have been impacted by the church starting clusters and we've only just begun...

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The Method

Urban Islands Project complements the efforts of sending organizations to start urban churches by facilitating real-time peer learning communities we call “Virtual Coaching Clusters."

This is the main pillar of the whole Urban Islands concept. At any given time numerous church starting agencies are in the process of starting new faith communities in urban neighborhoods. Urban Islands Project serves all of them by facilitating the formation of a virtual coaching cluster composed of multiple starters who are starting multiple churches simultaneously on different "islands" in multiple cities at the same time. The clusters can be made up of participants from different geographies, denominations and startup approaches. Each church retains the doctrinal, value and stylistic distinctives of its sending organization.This approach has numerous benefits for the church starters and their sending organizations.

Instead of starting up in isolation from each other, the starters are relationally connected before their churches begin holding services.
The cluster approach allows for the organic formation of a real-time, urban oriented, peer learning environment.
Every cluster participant benefits from the excellent resources of their sending organization AND from the accumulated knowledge of Urban Islands Project.
The coaching cluster provides a tangible place for peer learning to be experienced. Additionally, The cluster allows for church starters to benefit from coaching by experienced Urban Islands Project leaders.


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