Coaching Clusters

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What will I get out of an Urban Islands Coaching Cohort?

  • Access to real time learning community
  • Cumulative urban church planting knowledge
  • Proven set of pre-launch metrics
  • Fundraising Support
  • Assisting in quantifying pre-launch process
  • Answer logistical questions with website, etc.
  • Name Discovery Process
  • Development of individualized vision values etc.
  • Informal coaching with UIP Team members
  • Access to UIP Church Starters Facebook group
  • Launch Team Recruitment
  • First Year Post Launch Support
  • Another layer of credibility and accountabilty
  • Annual in Person Retreat

What are the requirements?

Population Density

Minimum 3,000 People Per Square Mile in Community or Neighborhood

One Year Out

Expected launch date must be a minimum of 12 months into the future

Not a Lone Wolf

Must be affiliated (or plan to be) with a sending organization (a denomination, a church, or a sending organization that will assist with governance accountability)

Live in Community

Must live (or plan to) inside community of focus

What’s my investment?

Be in a group on the same timeline

  • Chapter 1Discover

    Identifying and targeting neighborhood of focus, developing a financial plan connected to reality (5 streams), plan for living in the neighborhood and creating a team strategy.
  • Chapter 2Deploy

    Disciple-makers are deployed to the city. Missional metrics defined, connect with others in your city, choose a specific start date, evaluate expectations and timeline.
  • Chapter 3 Develop

    After regular gatherings have emerged. Leaders will be coached through systems development, organizational habits, and keys to sustainability.
  • Chapter 4 Duplicate

    How to continue church multiplication as a church start that continues to start new churches.