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To ensure you are placed in a group that will bring you the most value, we will need you to fill out a brief questionnaire.

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    FriendBetter PastorsUrban Islands WebsiteExponential ConferenceOther Conference or Event

    (Although your ministry may overlap with several areas, feel free to select the one with which you resonate most)
    Lead PastorExec/Asso PastorYouthKids/FamilyCollege MinistryMissions (US or World)AcademiaWorship/MusicOther

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    About Your Area

    Share as much information as you know, it is ok to be in flux with some of this information.

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    About You

    To help us match you up with a group please tell us a bit about yourself



    My spouse and I are intending to co-lead the new church.

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    No prior experience in starting a church.Helped start a church.Have been the primary leader of a new church start-up.Have been the primary leader of multiple church start-ups.

    (Check all that apply)
    I am completely new to the concept of starting a new church.I have read some books and articles about starting a new church.I have attended a church planting focused conference or conferences.I have taken some college or graduate level courses on church starting.I have a formal degree in church starting/planting.

    If not, you can take one by following this link: (Please note: If you are approved for inclusion in the cluster, the cost of the assessment will be included in your registration fee. If you are not approved to be in the cluster, you will be billed $150 via email to cover the cost of the assessment. By using the code URBAN2019, you are agreeing to be responsible for the cost of the assessment.)

    Use code: URBAN2019

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    Financial Component

    If you are accepted into the group, you will receive an email with payment instructions. You will have 48 hours to complete your initial payment.

    This can be changed within the first 30 days

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