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What the Church Needs to Know in the 21st Century.

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Steve didn’t see this change coming.

The world is becoming more urban as city centers everywhere continue to grow. And those people who shape our culture—tech entrepreneurs, media professionals, entertainers, and politicians—flock to our largest cities.

As New York City Pastor Tim Keller has said: “As the city goes, so goes the culture.”

Surprisingly, as cities continue to grow, urban churches are closing their doors. We are losing missional ground in the very place culture is taking shape.

So, the situation is this: More people. More influence. More culture.

Less church. It shouldn’t be this way.

Steve Pike has been at the forefront of church planting for thirty years. He served as founding director of Church Multiplication Network (CMN) for the Assemblies of God (USA) denomination.

Seeing a need for more church plants in cities, he founded Urban Islands Project, which exists to “increase the presence of the Church in the Urban O.”

His new book, Discovering the 21st Century Church, is due out later this year. But part of the first chapter, in rough draft form and ready for your feedback, is available today.

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What church leaders are saying about Steve Pike

  • Earl Creps
    Steve is an outstanding leader with a well-developed strategic sense and a reputation for integrity.
    Earl Creps
    Center for Leadership Studies
  • David Godbout
    I have experienced Steve as a motivated and well-resourced individual who enjoys working as a part of a team, and as a team leader. He has demonstrated the ability to work hard and intentionally to empower and enhance the work and lives of those he leads.
    David Godbout
    Pastor, Novation
  • Tim Satryan
    [Steve Pike] is an encourager and brings out the best in those who are around him. Steve is an innovative thinker, who creatively and tirelessly works to see new churches planted across America.
    Tim Satryan
    Lead Pastor, Valley Chapel Assembly of God
  • Dr. Robert Needham
    Steve is an innovative leader in these difficult times. His vision and willingness to try new things is refreshing and I recommend him.
    Dr. Robert Needham
    Business Advisor, Innovator, Analyst, Author
  • Ed Stetzer
    Steve has a reputation for initiating things others learn from. The Church Multiplication Network, which is an intra-denominational church planting network, has now been copied by many other denominations with varying levels of success. But Steve did it before anyone else.
    Ed Stetzer
    Christianity Today

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